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GA1: DISEC: Briefly explain the meaning of asymmetrical warfare and mention two remarkable examples of it throughout the European history. GA3: SOCHUM: How can the protection of rights of the ethnic minorities be assured by the United Nations, regarding the different procedures conducted in the member states of it at both international and regional levels? Is the feasibility of the possible solutions you have previously stated stable for all the regions, in which the ethnic minority rights are as yet a question of debate? GA4: SPECPOL: Regarding the discrepancy between the quality of services offered to Palestinian and Israeli Jerusalem residents might be affecting the protection of Holy Sites, can a short-term solution be found? What about the long term? Historical Security Council: Should the UN take action regarding the use of chemical weapons? Explain while keeping in mind the usage of such weapons in Iran-Iraq War. Joint Crisis Committee: How could the American Civil War have been prevented by the previous American presidents?

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