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GA 2, GA 3, UNODC: Please write a brief essay on the below stated agenda item of your preferred committee. [GA 2: Evaluating the role of state-owned companies in the free market GA 3: Combating the rise of right-wing identity politics in Eastern Europe UNODC: Promoting the practical application of the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (the Nelson Mandela Rules)] Historical Security Council: Why did Germany evolve into two separate states between 1945 and 1949? What people, policies and events contributed to this separate development? Negotiations: How far do you agree that the sentence stated below has been a strong motivating factor for the government of the United Kingdom wanting to end or reverse the process of EU influence in the country? EU membership took decision making further away from 'the people' in favour of domination by regulatory bodies. Historical Crisis-The Culper Ring: To what extent did intelligence and counterintelligence activities led by George Washington lay the groundwork for the success of the Thirteen Colonies in American Revolutionary War? JCC: Assess the validity of the following view. "Russia’s continued involvement in the First World War was the main reason for the fall of the Provisional Government."

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