• Status of Jerusalem

  • Transition period in Syria

Special Political and Decolonization Committee, henceforth to be known as SPECPOL, is the fourth committee of the General Assembly, and has within its remit the investigation of Israeli practices that affect the rights of the Palestinian people and other Arabs in the occupied territories. Although the committee is not expected to solve the crisis between both sides, SPECPOL does advise the General Assembly, and in this session, should aim to peacefully resolve and advise on issues where other committees, such as UNESCO, have furthered rather than healed the rift.

Committee’s other mission in this year’s edition of IELMUN is to monitor the declared ‘cease-fire’ in Syria and to endeavour to make noticeable progress towards resolving the conflict in the area. The delegates are expected to find applicable methodologies to reduce prevalent violence enough to enable peaceful protests, to decrease the risk of further militarization of the conflict as much as possible and to provide space for opposition groups to build political alliances and to develop a strategy.