Letter from the Secretary-General

Distinguished Delegates, Observers, and Esteemed Guests,

On behalf of the Secretariat, it is my distinct pleasure and honour to extend to you all a very warm welcome to the ninth annual session of Istanbul Erkek Lisesi Model United Nations Conference.

Looking far beyond the 21st century, the world is manifestly standing at a watershed. Whilst humanity may in the nearest future succumb to the harsh changes of nature, the world is transforming at a rapid pace, driven most particularly by science and technology, into the yesterday’s utopia. Ceaseless changes of the planet as a result of globalization, expeditious development of technology and the armament race between countries, lead to one common and ineluctable conclusion: the actions of a few individuals can bring humanity back to the dark ages, or towards a golden age of civilisation.

As the world witnesses such a metamorphose of human nature, one should undoubtfully revamp his/her frame of reference while handling the complications of the present time. In De Brevitate Vitae, Greek philosopher Seneca seeks to reconcile mankind’s profoundest desire, immortality, with learning from the bygone and harnessing the experience to the fullest in the present. “History never repeats itself but it often rhymes,” Mark Twain utters in accordance therewith.

Thus, we, as global citizens, are evidently to beware of theoretical illusions by going after the acquisition of experience, culling knowledge from all available resources in the Age of Information and planning our common future with distinctive circumspection.

Pursuing the ideals of the new world order, we could not be expected to brush aside the history while designating the topics to be discussed by the leaders of the upcoming generation. Therefore, this year’s edition of IELMUN will be featuring 10 committees revolving around the roots of the future in the history, all staffed by extraordinarily passionate academic team members and, for which varying degrees of experience are requisite. An assortment of competent MUN participants and meritorious individuals well versed in the topics at hand will preside over our committees withal. From our renowned Historical Security Council, which will be taking place in the year of 1948 and tackling with the intricate situations in Berlin and Kashmir, to our multifarious Specialized Agencies, namely United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the Brexit Negotiations, from the fruitful debate in our General Assemblies, to the intimacy and heated atmosphere of the Crisis Committees, delegates are going to have access to exceedingly and rewarding debate in diverse committee styles and forms. One of IELMUN 2020's hallmarks will beyond doubt be its reduced committees, which will enable our delegates to have a chance to actively participate in the debate. As the academic team, we strive to ensure that at IELMUN, all delegates will develop skill sets that are central to - but also applicable beyond - the world of Model United Nations, therefore all committees with their allocated agenda items are meticulously designed to foster negotiation and public speaking skills, to introduce delegates a range of global challenges, and to provide culturally diverse perspectives on a variety of issues. Our strong emphasis on representation at our conference from schools across the globe as well as our committees organised in three different languages, all of which provide the high academic standards the passionate delegates are especially looking for, ensure that IELMUN is an experience one cannot easily forget. With commitments to social impact and a celebration of diversity, our partnerships with various conferences from all around the world coupled with our nightly social events for delegates never fail to provide all IELMUN attendees a superb Model United Nations experience for years to come.

And as I sit writing this, I do not hesitate to state that I am both humbled and honoured to be a member of IELMUN society and assume the role of the Secretary General in this year’s edition of Istanbul Erkek Lisesi Model United Nations Conference, the exponential growth of which I luckily had the chance to witness throughout the previous years, and am eager to fulfil all of the responsibilities the role I assume entails.  

As the IELMUN family, we are excited to embark on this innovative and unique journey with you, and cannot wait to welcome you to an enriching and rewarding MUN experience that would go a long way in moulding the attendees into the future leaders.

It is my hope that my words herewith convey my boundless enthusiasm for the upcoming year and the conference, and I look forward to seeing you in Istanbul Erkek Lisesi Model United Nations Conference in 2020 for what I hope will be IELMUN’s greatest chapter yet.

Dilara Gür

Secretary-General of IELMUN 2020