IELMUN Society is a community which has been active since approximately 2006 in Istanbul (Erkek Lisesi) and has formed around IELMUN Club (IELMUNC). At the beginning, IELMUNC took only part in specific German conferences in Germany, but in the course of time it began to take part in conferences in Turkey. In 2011 the club regulation was adopted and IELMUN advanced its institutionalization. In 2012, adding Turkish as the third language, it organized a trilingual conference, which was the only trilingual conference in Turkey and among a rare number of conferences in the world. As IELMUNC improved IELMUN both academically and socially, it was deemed appropriate for various awards at the conferences it participated. After IELMUN put its club system in order, it separated the Organization and Academic Teams from another. It maintained its rise with its new top-sub committee and delegation systems.

Apart from the conferences it’s participated abroad and in Turkey, IELMUNC led the conferences held in different parts of Anatolia. Since 2011 IELMUNC has also had a European Youth Parliament (EYP) department and engaged in the works of EYP. The members of IELMUNC, who have repeatedly achieved to attend the international sessions, also hosted the 13th National Selection Conference of EYP Turkey.

IELMUN is honored to organize the first German conference and to be one of the few Turkish conferences held in Turkey, while contributing to the development of MUN in Turkey. Today, IELMUN is much more than a school club, with the conferences it has participated, its partnerships, achievements, members, graduates, supporters and all friends. IELMUNC has become a social formation, a community, which has long exceeded the limits of Istanbul (Erkek) Lisesi.