• RUSSIAN Civil War (October Revolution)

    The JCC, namely Joint Crisis Committees, are the simulations of past circumstances or conflicts in which delegates try to form the events in countenance of their party through writing sufficient directives, which are then moderated by a crisis team. JCC consists of two subcommittees working simultaneously against each other with a view to gain superiority and thus rewrite history. Delegates of JCC are expected to have optimal foresight and strategical thinking abilities and therefore have corresponding experience. In this year’s edition of IELMUN, participants of the Joint Crisis Committee will be simulating the Russian Civil War, a conflict which is not simply a military one, nor is it a civil disagreement which can be settled with compromise. Fought between the Bolsheviks, known as the Red Army and the Anti-Bolshevik White Army, which mainly consisted of Tsar supporters and anti-communists, the revolution is a true war of ideologies and a fundamental competition between the values of the greatest remaining dynasty, the protection of long-held religious beliefs, and the noble communist ideals, groundworks of which lay upon equality and fairness.