With a population over 15 million, Istanbul had been the capital of many civilizations in the past and that is why it plays a big role in the world history. You can see historical scenes all over the city: Hagia Sophia, which was built in Byzantine Empire era and is covered with Ottoman culture, Topkapi Palace, in which the Ottoman emperors resided for hundreds of years, Galata Tower, from which Hezarfen Ahmet Çelebi started his flight.

With its historic building, our school Istanbul Lisesi (Istanbul High School) is a part of this list. Istanbul has a lot to offer to its visitors. If you want to go shopping you will find yourself in the Grand Bazaar, one of worlds largest, by walking just 5 minutes. Also we recommend you to go to Levent, where you can find hundreds of local and foreign brands. But if you want to go on a little history tour, it is enough for you to just wander off from the Istanbul Lisesi buliding because the places listed above are all close to our school. To add to the list we also have Yerebatan Sarnici, Sultanahmet Mosque and the 700-year-old Cagaloglu Bath.

The city is divided into two parts, Europe and Asia, and has many centers of interest. One of the most popular and the largest among these city centres, Taksim is easily accessible with the railway transportation system. To go to another centre, Kadiköy, you need to walk down to Sirkeci and hop on a ferry or you can use the Marmaray underground line. In the middle of all this culture and history stands our conference location Istanbul Lisesi, a fusion of French and Seljuk architecture.

Istanbul Lisesi (Istanbul High School) or with its better known older name Istanbul Erkek Lisesi (Istanbul Boys' High School) is one of the most well-known and oldest high schools in Turkey. In the past, it was one of the first western-style Turkish high schools in the Ottoman Empire. Today it is one of the most famous and most successful high schools in Turkey. Istanbul Lisesi, founded in 1884, is a public school. The school has both "Anatolian High School" and "Gymnasium"(Germany's top level for High School Education) statuses. The old Duyun-u Umumiye (Ottoman Empire Debts Department) building is now the school building, located in Cagaloglu, Fatih and has a wonderful view of Bosphorus and Halic.

Istanbul Lisesi;

  • is the first school to publish a students' newspaper
  • is the first school to use the term "High School"
  • is the first high school to give German education
  • is the first school to show a film
  • is the first school to have a theatre club

Istanbul Lisesi, with its 43 Turkish and 35 German teachers, its management team and its modern language and science labs, is one of the best schools in Turkey. Students of the school are not only granted with Turkish high school diploma but also an Abitur diploma (highest high school certificate of the German school system). We hope that during the conference you will make unforgettable memories in Istanbul and Istanbul Lisesi.

Explore Istanbul Lisesi via 360 Virtual Tour: http://www.makro360.com/istanbullisesi/?panorama=478202