• Iran - Iraq War (1980-1988)

    Historical Security Council is a historical simulation of the United Nations Security Council. At this committee, our advanced delegates will have the opportunity to discuss about the problems of the world and humankind, which were discussed at the United Nations Security Council in the past, with following the procedure of the United Nations Security Council and representing the member states of the Council. At this Committee delegates will take decisions and write resolutions about their agenda item and they will be informed about the results of their decisions and the ongoing events and crises by the updates from the crisis team. By giving updates to the committee, the crisis team also provides an opportunity for our delegates to remain active during the sessions and cope with the crises. At IELMUN 2019, the agenda item of the Historical Security Council is one of the bloodiest wars of the late 20th century, the Iran-Iraq War, which took place between 1980-1988. The reasons of the war were the conflict between Iraq and Iran over the domination of the Persian Gulf and border disputes between these countries. Iraq also feared that the Islamic Revolution in Iran would result an Shia uprising against the Ba’athist regime of Saddam Hussein. The conflict begun on 22 September 1980, as the Iraqi armed forces invaded Iran.