A Personal Message from the 26. Prime Minister of Turkey


World War II was the most massive and violent war the humanity has ever seen and the United Nations, an organization to ensure peace and stability with a perspective of “total security”, was founded to avoid the recurrence of such pain and destruction. Although the UN reflected the balance of power of the post-war era, with the changing conjuncture of global politics, it widened its field of activity and accepted new members. Despite its need to be improved to as a global organization that reflects the reality of our world, it is currently the most powerful institution to establish global peace.

Starting with the Cold War, the UN’s main area of focus became non-conventional, ethnic and cultural problems. While maintaining its duty for international conflict management, peace building also became its primary object of concern. Thus, one of the main purposes of the UN is to generate a peaceful solution to problems and foster mutual compromise by relieving international political tension.

Learning the operational procedure of the UN, its different patterns of behavior in different organs, technical aspects of negotiations, as well as other procedures regarding the United Nations has become a significant experience for high school and college students. Activities like this not only widens the student’s horizon on global matters, but also encourages information exchange between students of the same age group. I believe that Istanbul Erkek Lisesi, which I am proudly an alumnus, will bring an awareness on global problems and also help provide a brand new approach to their solution. In this regard, I salute everyone involved in this organization and warmly welcome the participants of IEL Model UN […] and wish for a successful workshop


Prof. Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu

26nd Prime Minister and 42nd Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic