Letter from the Secretary-General of IELMUN 2019 Beren Güler

Distinguished Delegates, Observers, and Esteemed Guests,

It is my distinct honour to welcome you all to this year’s edition of Istanbul Erkek Lisesi Model United Nations, which shall be held from June 9th to June 12th, 2019, in one of the oldest and internationally renowned high schools of Turkey. 2019 will behold the eighth annual session of IELMUN, and we are privileged to be welcoming participants from a wide variety of schools from all around the world. By my reckoning, throughout the previous years, we, as the IELMUN society, have managed to meet the challenges of our field with flying colours and to excel without being affected by setbacks, therefore I am very proud of where we are today and excited about where we are headed.

From my standpoint, MUN conferences constitute a great opportunity to provide the information exchange of students about the social, political, economic and up-to-date issues concerning their own country as well as the whole world and to redound students the ability of tolerating different opinions, views, beliefs, comprehensions and cultural values; dealing with social problems around them either individually or in cooperation with others and both preparing and implementing solution oriented projects. Hence, our main objective has hitherto been to ensure that IELMUN is both academically beneficial and socially entertaining for delegates, committee directors and advisors that partake. Appreciating the core value of bringing out the best in every Model United Nations delegate, our commitment to the aforementioned mandates is sure to have reflected in the upcoming conference, for which our team has been working tirelessly for more than one year.

Celebrating its eight year in operation, IELMUN strives to uphold its long-standing ideals of creating a premium experience for all participants, and in doing so, facilitating their intellectual and personal development. With a view to preserve the learning-oriented MUN experience of high academic calibre, which have heretofore been offered in every single IELMUN conference, we feature a broad spectrum of committees in this year’s edition as well, ranging from the General Assembly Committees to the intimate crisis simulation of the American Civil War, all of which showcase our commitment to both tradition and innovation. On this subject, being proud of following on Ataturk and the fundamental principles he set for Turkish youth, the theme of IELMUN 2019 is designated as Peace at Home, Peace in the World.

Correspondingly, while our Disarmament and International Security body will tackle political and military responses to counterinsurgency, terrorism, and other forms of irregular warfare as well as competing claims of territorial sovereignty over islands and smaller features in the South China Sea; Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee will be focusing on the lawful rights and interests of the ethnic minorities and upholds in China as well as criminal liability in international law in the age of social media. As an aside, our Special Political and Decolonization Committee will be serving as the body with the duty of delving into the details of unresolved issues regarding status of Jerusalem and the transition period in Syria into the bargain. The Joint Crisis Committee, with its rapidly advancing nature, will tackle with the atmosphere of American Civil War, where isolated two cabinets of the belligerent powers, namely the Union and the Confederacy, will replay their roles with different stance and views. Along with four General Assembly Committees and Joint Crisis Committee, IELMUN 2019 will also be simulating Historical Security Council, which we consider as the signature committee of our tradition, and International Court of Justice, a committee about the academic excellence of which we are highly assertive. The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Committee, being simulated in German, will be debating upon the use of non-renewable resources, children's rights and latest updates. Last but definitely not least, European Union and The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries are the special committees in Turkish, both of which will be working in order to find a way to decrease the lately increasing tension in these organizations by considering reforms to remodel their mission and by one again defining their organizational structure as well as operating mechanisms.

Furthermore, the traditional Delegate Ball, Boat Party and coffee break activities will all make an appearance in IELMUN 2019 to create an enjoyable, collaborative environment in and outside the committee rooms. All these features, we believe, constitute an integral component to the uniqueness that characterizes IELMUN in the local Model United Nations scene.

On a final note, I, on behalf of the Secretariat, would like to thank all participants for your interest in IELMUN 2019. I sincerely hope that you will embark upon this journey with us, to experience, to learn, and to discover, while coming up with effective solutions to provide Peace at Home, Peace in the World. As IELMUN Society, we are looking forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas for solving international problems.

Beren Güler