It is our utmost pleasure to announce the 7th annual session of the first trilingual Model United Nations conference of Turkey, organized by high school students!

Since the beginning of our path, it has always been our most prior objective to host promising delegates from varied schools in different countries by providing the best conditions in both academic and organizational areas. We started our journey with the realization that the best way for us to reach our goal was by providing the proper ambiance for such a Model UN experience. In the light of this realization, we have put our effort in finding the most suitable candidates from various nations, different ages and backgrounds; who shared the same ambition of contribution, the ability of communicating in the common languages, followed by desire to interact, and who stayed 100% professional beside every other aspect listed.

Keeping our main precedence and purposes in mind, this summer will host our new delegates at one of the most historic buildings of Istanbul with the most unique view. We hereby invite you to join us at IELMUN 2018 between August 31st and September 4th.

We will be entertaining our most important guests in General Assembly, the Two plus Four Talks, Historical Security Council of 1992 and the European Council in English. The delegates preferring Turkish may prefer our Turkish committee, North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The Security Council and the Economic and Social Council will be ready for its delegates wishing to participate in a German committee.

One of the most critical and deliberative organs in IELMUN is as always General Assembly. The General Assembly is one of the six principal organs of United Nations and is capable of discussing a wide variety of international issues and is the only organ in which all member states have equal representation. In this year's edition we, as IELMUN, have focused on the topics that needed a solution right away. The delegates will be dealing with current issues such as biodiversity of the oceans, integration of disabled children in the society and the drinking water problem in Africa. You will be given the chance to represent the state which will be assigned to you and you will be expected to bring different perspectives in order to find compromising and promising solutions on a global scale.

Is it just a dream for you to be a representative of a state in the UN Security Council in 1992? Well, IELMUN is your chance to fulfill this wish.

Our HSC (Historical Security Council) will give you an opportunity to deal with the chaotic crises of 1992, such as the Algerian Civil War and the early phases of the horrible massacres during the first months of Yugoslav War along the fall of a superpower and a permanent member of the UN Security Council: the USSR?

As the IELMUN Team, we can assure you that this committee will be one of your best MUN experiences.

Because of this we highly encourage you to join us as a delegate or a Crisis Team member and spend last days of your summer holiday enjoying a high quality conference with us!

Becoming a delegate in IELMUN also means that you will be able to recreate the Two Plus Four Talks. Will you work to create a peaceful future, or will you let your children suffer from the mistakes you made while negotiating?

The first session of The European Council was held in 1961 as an informal summit for the heads of government of the European Community which was an economic union until it was integrated into the European Union with the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009. Since then its main duty is to set the overall political direction and the priorities of the European Union. It is held in Brussels and is attended by all European Union heads of state including United Kingdom as well as the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, and the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junckler. The participants of this committee will have a chance to discuss upon issues such as reform of the EU for adaptation to current challenges; immigration, border and trade policy after the demise of TTIP and the European Energy Free Trade Market Reform.

IELMUN, which is the first trilingual Model United Nations conference in Turkey, offers its participants the opportunity to participate in the German held Security Council (Sicherheitsrat) to discuss important topics such as the great political crisis in Venezuela and the Small Arms Trade (Kleinwaffenhandel) problem. Delegates can also choose to attend the Economic and Social Council (Wirtschafts- und Sozialrat der Vereinigten Nationen) also held in German, which will discuss upon the vital issues of digitalization in social and economic development, the integration of refugees in national economies and access to drinking water and sanitary facilities.

If you want to debate in German and improve yourself these two committees are the most suitable choices for you.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is the only Turkish committee in IELMUN 2018. The organization is a military alliance which was founded after the North Atlantic Treaty was signed by the United States, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in 1949, with the goal of stopping the spread of communism around the world. Today it has 29 members, the latest being Montenegro, in Europe and North America. The delegates of this committee will decide on actions to take against recent Russian aggression and the financial and strategic reforms of the organization.


We will always be waiting for your significant attention and your participation and we also thank for your careful attention. See you next summer!