GA:2 - Economic and Financial Committee

  • MEASURES TO PREVent and reduce tax evasıon

  • evaluatıng the role of state-owned companıes ın the free market

The Economic and Financial Affairs Council, henceforth to be known as ECOFIN, is the second commitee of General Assembly, and is responsible for EU policy in three main areas, namely; taxation issues, economic policy and the regulation of financial services. This committee also prepares the annual budget of EU and it is responsible for the legal and practical aspects of Euro, the single currency.

In this year’s edition of IELMUN, delegates of the ECOFIN are going to discuss the measures to prevent and reduce tax evasion. Having been expected to bear the importance of taxation for the economic growth, employment and the competitiveness within a country in mind, delegates will be endeavouring to develop strategies against the use of illegal methods to avoid to pay or most especially to underpay the taxes of government by individuals, corporations and organizations. Focusing on the role of state-owned companies in the free market, an analysis of presence and share of state-owned enterprises in the modern global economy is also to be inaugurated by the attendees of the ECOFIN accordingly to the second agenda item.