• Countering asymmetrical warfare in the 21st century

  • The South China Sea dispute

    The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), also known as the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, deals with disarmament and international security matters. Even though DISEC is not authorized to impose force upon Member States, it makes substantive recommendations to the Security Council on the aforementioned matters while promoting the maintenance of global peace and international security. According to the Article 9 of the Charter of the United Nations, all Member States have equal vote and are eligible as representatives in the committee. Therefore, resolutions submitted by DISEC are always valued and considered by the UN Security Council.

    In this year’s edition of IELMUN, the delegates of the DISEC committee will have the opportunity to debate upon topics such as countering asymmetrical warfare in 21st century and the South China Sea dispute. Delegates are expected to find suggestions to countering asymmetrical warfare, which has become a strategy specifically among dissident, extremist political groups, that threaten both national and international peace and also to showcase their political knowledge as well as their diplomatic skills while discussing the territorial disputes in the South China Sea, which include island and maritime claims among sovereign states such as Brunei, the People's Republic of China (PRC), Republic of China (Taiwan), Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.