In our fifth annual session, our aim is to be even better than our previous sessions. So far, we have constantly increased our efforts in organizing the only trilingual conference in Turkey, and one of the few in the world; gathered participants not just from Turkey but from all over the world, thusly managing to create a multicultural community aside a multilingual platform.

This year, our will is to widen this platform by becoming a quadrilingual conference. French, one of the official languages of UN, will also be added as official language of IELMUN 2016.

Still, we believe that preserving our devotion to high academic standards is as much important as adding new aspects to it. Giving the youth a chance to create solutions for the world’s problems, which become more global every day, to raise awareness to these problems and to make participants have a real taste of the United Nations’ atmosphere are our main goals. These goals have been achieved for the past 4 years, and they are to be achieved this year, with dedicated work and conscious hope.