IELMUN 2017 Academic Agenda Items


Right to Privacy and National Security in an Era of Big Data and Global Conflicts


Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space:

  • Ensuring the Safe Use of Nuclear Power in Outer Space
  • Management of Space Debris
  • Revisiting the International Rule of Law on Extraterrestrial Soil


General Assembly(GA):

  • Measures to Prevent Cyber Attacks and Espionage against Public Institutions
  • The Question of Bribery and Corruption in Public Institutions
  • Right to Personal Privacy and International Security in an Age of Mass Digital Surveillance

Joint Crisis Committee (JCC):

  • Korean War

Thatcher Cabinet:

  • Years of 1979-1988



Security Council (SC):

  • South Sudanese Civil War
  • DPRK’s Development of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Current Developments

Commission on Science and Technology (CST)

  • Advancing Scientific Research and Technological Developments in the Developing Nations
  • Storage and Disposal of Nuclear Wastes
  • Cyber-crimes and National Security



Economic and Social Council (ECOSOS):

  • Children and Teenagers Living in Extreme Poverty
  • Preventive Measures against Highly Contagious Diseases
  • Combatting Human Trafficking and Illegal Immigration